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Jennifer Van Dillen began her Medical Intuitive practice in 2000. She has performed over 200 readings with clients internationally. She received in-depth training in anatomy, physiology, and pathology in her university work and throughout her professional career as an Occupational Therapist. She went on to specialize in Pediatrics treating infants, toddlers and older children with neurological disorders, learning disabilities, sensory processing disorder, physical disabilities, and autism spectrum disorder. Her advanced studies include Feldenkreis methods, Alexander Technique, and Cranio-Sacral balancing. These methods yielded significant results for the patients with whom she worked. She then entered a three-year study of Healing Touch, instructed by registered nurses, and received her certification in 1997. Additionally, she studied with such pioneers as Barbara Brennan, Rosalyn Bruyere, and Carolyn Myss. She completed a certification course by Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz in 2018.